6 September 2014

Early Autumn

Can't wait to wear fall collection even still hot in Hong Kong. Personally Fall & Winter both are my favorite season also my buying passion always high in these season (It's mean I gonna spend a lot!). I always think that winter clothes have more variation and glamour.  

No doubt that I am a accessory lover. Recently, I addict in hat and pearl accessory, they are stylish and perfectly help you to enhance your appearance.  I think you guys can try them as well. 

我已經急不及待穿上秋裝,我對於秋冬係有特別情意結而且購買慾亦特別強 (意味著我將要大肆揮霍)。 其實我覺得秋冬的衣服比較多元化和美得很。


Ringring's Look:
Hat:    FlossyxFlossy
Top:   Zara
Skirt:  FlossyxFlossy
Boots: Bought form Causeway Bay
Bag:    FlossyxFlossy

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