22 September 2014

Choice of Monday

I am so glad that my job is not necessary to wear formal dress for work. I can wear what I like everyday. Monday always lazy and always sleepy, so I won't take too much time to style myself. At that time, one piece would be my favourite. One piece is my choice of Monday!

好興幸我份工無限制我既衣著,亦唔需要formal dress,所以每日我都會著自己鍾意既衫。星期一多數又累又懶,我都無咩心機去襯衫,所以哩個時候連身裙簡直係我既恩物。星期一我一定揀連身裙!

Ringring's Look
Lace "11" One piece: FlossyxFlossy
Black Lday Black: Aland
Sandals:  Vanilla Suite

15 September 2014

Curly my hair

I love curly my hair, I always try new curling iron for different style. I bought  JACQUELINE ROLLING STYLER from a my friend's instagram shop few days ago and finally tried yesterday. It is easy to use and fast as I only use 15 minutes for curling my hair. It would be one of my favourite curling iron.

我一得閒就會係屋企電下頭髮,因為成日直髮都好悶,所以我夠唔夠久就會試新既捲髮棒去電唔同既造型。上星期我係我朋友開既IG shop買左JACQUELINE ROLLING STYLER。係個懶洋洋既星期日終於試左,就真係幾易用,大約15分鐘就完成。我相信佢會係我其中一個常用既捲髮棒之一。

JACQUELINE ROLLING STYLER from littlericeplanet
littlericeplanet Instagram


12 September 2014

Autumn Sandals

Sandals is a must have item in Summer. However I still wear Sandals everyday even Autumn already because Hong Kong is crazy that still too HOT.  It totally not like an Autumn weather. Therefore, I still wear sandals everyday. For me I addict in black with metal details sandals as I think they're stylish and fashionable sandals. They're easy matching for one piece, high waist shorts, skirt, any other item. Also, the main point is they always fit in both seasons; Summer & Autumn. 


Ringring's Pick:
All sandals are from Zalora

8 September 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake is a traditional food in Mid-Autumn Festival. Last week, I go to Easy 123 Dining & Cooking Studio to learn how to make a mooncake. It's not that difficult as I think and I have so much fun that day! You guys can try to make mooncake by yourself next year. At last but not least, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

月餅係中秋節既傳統食品,上星期我去左Easy 123 Dining & Cooking Studio去學整月餅。原本月餅無我想像中咁難家咋,整個過程都好有趣。大家下年都可以試下自己整丫。最後,祝大家中秋節快樂,人月兩團圓。

6 September 2014

Early Autumn

Can't wait to wear fall collection even still hot in Hong Kong. Personally Fall & Winter both are my favorite season also my buying passion always high in these season (It's mean I gonna spend a lot!). I always think that winter clothes have more variation and glamour.  

No doubt that I am a accessory lover. Recently, I addict in hat and pearl accessory, they are stylish and perfectly help you to enhance your appearance.  I think you guys can try them as well. 

我已經急不及待穿上秋裝,我對於秋冬係有特別情意結而且購買慾亦特別強 (意味著我將要大肆揮霍)。 其實我覺得秋冬的衣服比較多元化和美得很。


Ringring's Look:
Hat:    FlossyxFlossy
Top:   Zara
Skirt:  FlossyxFlossy
Boots: Bought form Causeway Bay
Bag:    FlossyxFlossy

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FlossyxFlossy Instagram:

5 September 2014

Everyday Makeup

其實我daily既妝十分簡單,因為每天都趕頭趕命返工 (主要係因為我懶瞓),無時間仔細化妝,以下就係我既懶人daily妝

Concealer: Octard(朋友送的,超好用)
Concealer: IPSA(用黎遮豆豆印的)
Brow Liner: Shiseido 
Eyeliner: Chanel (超易畫)
Liquid Eyeliner: Majorca(整日不脫色)
Highlight Pencil: Majorca
Eyeshadow: RMK
Lipstick: SKII

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Everyday I'm in a hurry to go out for work because I always wake up late, so no time for me to do a beautiful makeup. Therefore, my daily makeup is super easy and fast. The following items are what I use everyday. 

Concealer: Octard(gift from my friends, super easy to apply)
Concealer: IPSA(cover the pimples)
Brow Liner: Shiseido 
Eyeliner: Chanel (my favourite eyeliner ever)
Liquid Eyeliner: Majorca(super waterproof)
Highlight Pencil: Majorca
Eyeshadow: RMK
Lipstick: SKII

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25 July 2014

A dream come true


地址: 尖沙咀加拿芬道45-47號宏生大廈 (The Studio) 2樓209號舖 

I have been too busy in last few months for preparing my first little fashion shop in Hong Kong. I am so happy to say that FlossyxFlossy finally have a  physical store. FlossyxFlossy just like my little closet, all the products I picked is exactly what I like to wear everyday. As I mentioned before, I am a accessory lover thus lots of different kinds of accessories are available in store as well.

Address: Rm09, 2/F, Houng Sun Building (The Studio), 45-47 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, K.L., Hong Kong

FlossyxFlossy Instagram: http://instagram.com/flossyxflossy
FlossyxFlossy Facebook: www.facebook.com/fxflossy

30 May 2014

Pet green day

Long time didn't feel the fresh air like this after start my full time office lady life. Such a beautiful day I enjoy being reflex and lazy in the saturday morning.