22 September 2014

Choice of Monday

I am so glad that my job is not necessary to wear formal dress for work. I can wear what I like everyday. Monday always lazy and always sleepy, so I won't take too much time to style myself. At that time, one piece would be my favourite. One piece is my choice of Monday!

好興幸我份工無限制我既衣著,亦唔需要formal dress,所以每日我都會著自己鍾意既衫。星期一多數又累又懶,我都無咩心機去襯衫,所以哩個時候連身裙簡直係我既恩物。星期一我一定揀連身裙!

Ringring's Look
Lace "11" One piece: FlossyxFlossy
Black Lday Black: Aland
Sandals:  Vanilla Suite

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