15 September 2014

Curly my hair

I love curly my hair, I always try new curling iron for different style. I bought  JACQUELINE ROLLING STYLER from a my friend's instagram shop few days ago and finally tried yesterday. It is easy to use and fast as I only use 15 minutes for curling my hair. It would be one of my favourite curling iron.

我一得閒就會係屋企電下頭髮,因為成日直髮都好悶,所以我夠唔夠久就會試新既捲髮棒去電唔同既造型。上星期我係我朋友開既IG shop買左JACQUELINE ROLLING STYLER。係個懶洋洋既星期日終於試左,就真係幾易用,大約15分鐘就完成。我相信佢會係我其中一個常用既捲髮棒之一。

JACQUELINE ROLLING STYLER from littlericeplanet
littlericeplanet Instagram


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