5 August 2015

Sunny day with sunglasses

Summer for sure need a popular and timeless style of sunglasses as it always come with a lovely sunny day. When I lazy to do makeup I will wear it as well, such a great accessory to me for hiding my plain face. Recently I browse ZALORA for a boylish style sunglasses, so surprise that I find Ray-Ban is now available in ZALORA totally fit what I want. 
夏天除左背心熱褲外,一副大熱又唔過時既太陽眼鏡都係必需品,尤其今個夏天太陽咁耀眼唔戴唔得啦!! 再加上有時懶得濟唔想化妝都可以靠太陽眼鏡摭一摭我既素顏。近期好想買副boylish款既太陽眼鏡,所以上ZALORA睇睇點知俾我發現Ray-Ban係ZALORA上左架,即刻心心眼完全符合我要搵既野

On Ringring
Crop Top: FlossyxFlossy
Denim Jeans: FlossyxFlossy
Bag: ithk
Shoes: Nike


Recently, I fall in love in red lipstick, it's amazing good.