28 August 2013

Fall in love with black

I seldom wear black on me no matter clothes or accessories however I sudden fall in love in K-POP so sudden fall in love in those black and some extravaganza stuff
On Ring:
Accessories all from Forever 21

Fall in love in K-POP certainly fall in love with cap as well. I love this colourful cap as it base colour is pink=]

On Ring:
Beatbreak DumBass Cap: FlossyxFlossy
Instagram: FlossyxFlossy

I love round sunglasses it can embellish my square face

Leopard Sunglasses: FlossyxFlossy - Seoul Chic Blazzar
Instagram: FlossyxFlossy

In order to match with my cap and my black accessories I especially go to H&M to find black top. Finally let me find this lovely cat print black vest! The cat look alike with mine as well so I bought it immediately (you can browse my first blog to take a look with my two lovely babies or see their facebook page:

On Ring:
Beatbreak DumBass Cap: FlossyxFlossy
Cat print vest:                   H&M
Jeggings:                           Zara
Clutch:                              PaPer minT
Shoes:                               Staccato

Tickalook: http://www.tickalook.com/look/15083-895/ringringng/user?q=895
Zoolook: http://web.zoolook.me/looks/view/26759/21744
Viss: http://viss.me/posts/52187235a714724361000034/ring-ng

I'm a Big Kidddd

Flowers and butterfly always are perfect match. I love this big white daisy necklace so much, it can match with different kind of style no matter casual or fancy! I have to admit that I love EXAGGERATE accessories.

On Ring:
Necklace:         Forever 21
Butterfly Ring:  Accessorize 

Butterfly sharp with metal ring match my skintone so much as I am bronzed skin. Base on this reason I seldom wear silver colour accessories since it will make me look darker.  
I normally forgot when I bought this little daisy earrings, just saw it coincidentally and think that it quite match with my necklace so I wore it on. 

Is a bit crazy that even my bracelet has butterfly as well!! HAHAHA
This lovely clutch is a gift from my friend. I love the tassels match with a little metal ball so much.

On Ring:
Earrings:  ans.
Clutch:    Forever new

As I said "I'm a big kid" because I love to shop in kid wear section but not often can buy clothes from it (As i think  the cutting make me look a bit fat) . Finally, I get a kid tee which fit on me in Forever 21, the print adv is beautiful which is a pink flowers heart with "PARIS" I addict in this tee! The print adv catch my eyes on it!

On Ring:
Tee:       Forever 21
Shorts:   Zara
Clutch:   Forever new
Shoes:   Venilla Suite
Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/5289960-Forever-21-Paris-Tee-Zara-Light-Blue-Shorts
Tickalook: http://www.tickalook.com/member/profile/895/ringringng
Zoolook:  http://web.zoolook.me/looks/view/26824/21744
Viss:  http://viss.me/posts/521dbad12404223813000010/ring-ng

26 August 2013

Relaxing Sunday

Working from Monday to Saturday so having coffee on Sunday is the most relaxing activity I think! Starbucks always is my best pick as it is so convenience, you can find it everywhere in Hong Kong.
Caramel Macchiato is my best stuff to refresh my mind and make me feel happy as it has a little sweet .
I love cheese so I always order Broccoli Cheese Pie. Coffee and pie such a best brunch for Sunday=]

Btw, I also like to sharing my style on Sunday=]  I'm a accessories lover and this time I pick some fancy style accessories to match with clothes! I especially love my charm bracelet which is a gift from my friend!

On me:
Lightcoral colour high waist - H&M,
Peach totem tee - Gotta,
Necklace - Forever 21,
Sandals - Playlord

If you love my style pls stay stunned  on my blog=]

11 August 2013

I'm a shopaholic

I admit that I'm a shopaholic, I love shopping, every time I go to those fashion shop I always bought few items home:)
我承認我天生是一個購物狂,我超級喜歡逛街購物,每次都總會有收獲:)I randomly went H&M and Venilla Suite, then I bought two shoes and two tops as well as leggings! I found that the legging had printed my name on it "Ring Ng" after back home!! I sudden fall in love in this legging more!! Hahahah
有日我路過 H&M and Venilla Suite,就這樣我便四買了兩雙鞋子,兩件上衣和一條leggings! 回到家才發現leggings上印有我的名字"Ring Ng" 突然間更愛它!

I mix and match my new clothes! Working Saturday, so I want to wear casually! 
1. Sneakers from Venilla Suite (my seldom buy sneakers this is the second one in my life)  
2. Dark olive green top from H&M 
3. White lace shorts from H&M
4. Bag from Workshop (Thailand)
Welcome to see more on my tickalook account:) 
Prefect weather in Sunday sunglasses is a must then:) 
1. Black lace crop top from H&M
2. High waist denim shorts from Taiwan
3. Sandals from Venilla Suite
Welcome to see more on my tickalook account:) 

8 August 2013


I have been long long time didn't write a blog! A bit nervous! Hahahaha!!

I love share my life to all of you:) especially my two babies Miumiu & Morgan!

Most of friends said that they're so cute and adorable also recommend me to help them establish a Facebook page, so I did it recently:)
很多朋友跟我說我家的活寶貝在很可愛,他們都建議我替Miumiu&Morgan 開一個Facebook 專頁,最近我真的開了個專頁給他們:)

If you thinks that they're lovely pls like their page: