11 September 2013


I seldom wear cap, this is the first one I fall in love with as it is colour and difference with those normal cap.

I think I will start to browse more special cap to match with my look in the coming fall!

On Ring:
BeatBreak DumBass Cap: FlossyxFlossy
Instagram: FlossyxFlossy

by the way, FlossyxFlossy is on summer sales now sunglasses, bag & accessories and All summer items 20% off
Pretty, let's check out those lovely items=]

Sunglasses is a must in summer, so I have lots of sunglasses to match my style. Especially I love vintage and classic style as it is easy to comply with every style

The first one:
Classic black sunglasses: FlossyxFlossy

The second one:
Leopard round sunglasses: FlossyxFlossy

I love casual style during holiday, it is comfortable. Comfortable is my first priority in Mix & Match. Tassel sleeveless is a good stuff to hide my drawback and make me look slim!

On Ring:
Oliver Green Tassel Sleeveless: FlossyxFlossy
BeatBreak Dum Bass Cap: FlossyxFlossy
Shoes: Venllia Suite

Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/5340324-Flossyxflossy-Beatbreak-Dumbass-Cap-Oliver-Green
Tickalook: http://www.tickalook.com/look/16991-895/ringringng/latest


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    1. Hi Valencia
      Thanks for recommend me that gorgeous sharing platform - Whatiwear! That's a great place for me to post my style:) I have already post few looks on it!!

      Love Ring

  2. I love the hat & sunglasses in this post! I'm just getting started with blogging myself and I like the way you have your blog set up.

    Check out my blog if you like :)

    1. The hat & sunglasses are from my fashion online shop FlossyXFlossy! Let's check them out! Hat only HK$160 (USD$/7.98) Sunglasses only HK$88 (USD$/7.98)
      I will follow your blog! Would you like to follow my blog as well?

      Love Ring