13 September 2013

Viss x Fossil Fashion Show

I went to Viss x Fossil Fashion Show in last couple weeks. the fashion show dress code is colourful, so i picked the new dress I bought from Aland as it is the most colour item in my wardrobe. Lots of fun there and what a great show they are holding but we are too enjoy in it totally forgot to take pics. So we decided to take pics outside. 

As we know that Hong Kong is a crowded city especially Central, it is hard to take pic in anywhere because people all around you however we can do it in midnight! It is gorgeous that we can take in train station, we have fun to these crazy snapshots. 

On Ring:
Dress:       Aland
Necklace: Aland
Shoes:      Staccato
Clutch:      PaPerminT
Tickalook: http://www.tickalook.com/look/16324-895/ringringng/user?q=895
Zoolook:   http://web.zoolook.me/looks/view/26984/21744

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