24 September 2013

Addition in Sunglasses Part 1/2

Classic Black Vintage Sunglasses
Vintage Round Sunglasses
Vintage Round Sunglasses
70's Vintage Sunglasses (Tort)
All Sunglasses from FlossyXFlossy

Sunglasses always my best friends no matter which seasons and weather. Normally, if the day I lazy to makeup  I will wear sunglasses to hide my tired face. It is my best accessories when I take pic. Therefore, I collect difference style of sunglasses to match my everyday style! Let's buy a sunglasses to styleup! 

I guess if you have follow my blog is easy to find that most of my stuff are from FlossyXFlossy. This is my little fashion online shop, also my first time to run a online shop. You can enjoy 10% discount if  like my online shop in Facebook and follow FxF account!! Million thanks!!

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  1. Looking beautiful!
    Love your blog<3