30 September 2013

Addition in Sunglasses Part 2/2

Round Frame Sunglasses HK$88

As I mentioned before (can check out my blog post Addition in Sunglasses Part 1/2 ) Sunglasses is a must in my bag because It can help me to hide my tired eyes when I didn't makeup even still can take some good pic.

Especially I love round frame sunglasses, I love it's vintage and classic feel. Some extravaganza sunglasses also is my cup of tea as it's look stylish!

All sunglasses from FlossyXFlossy HK$88
FlossyXFlossy Instagram
Welcome to browse and Happy Shopping=]

24 September 2013

Accessory Lover

Unreliablely, accessories can enhance the total image style. I like some extravaganza accessories for doing eye catching purpose! 

All accessories from FlossyXFlossy 

Weekend Outfit

Addition in Sunglasses Part 1/2

Classic Black Vintage Sunglasses
Vintage Round Sunglasses
Vintage Round Sunglasses
70's Vintage Sunglasses (Tort)
All Sunglasses from FlossyXFlossy

Sunglasses always my best friends no matter which seasons and weather. Normally, if the day I lazy to makeup  I will wear sunglasses to hide my tired face. It is my best accessories when I take pic. Therefore, I collect difference style of sunglasses to match my everyday style! Let's buy a sunglasses to styleup! 

I guess if you have follow my blog is easy to find that most of my stuff are from FlossyXFlossy. This is my little fashion online shop, also my first time to run a online shop. You can enjoy 10% discount if  like my online shop in Facebook and follow FxF account!! Million thanks!!

FlossyXFlossy Facebook page:


19 September 2013

Viss X Fossil Style Jam

I went to Causeway Bay Fossil Flag Shop to join the Viss X Fossil Style Jam with my friend last night, we tried out those gorgeous Fossil accessories and handbag!

On Ring:
Glitz Disc Wrist Wrap - Rose
Turtle Wrist Wrap
Stella Watch (Tort)

On Ring:
Memoir Diary Clutch
White Sunglasses

On Ring:
Sharp Pink Sunglasses 

At last but not least, Fossil provided a box for us to draw anything on it and this is mine! My lovely Morgan boy seems love this box as well=] If you guys want to see more my lovely babies pic you can go to like their Facebook page:

18 September 2013

Perfect weather sunday

I always think that long dress is a gift to every lazy pretties as it is simple and not necessary to spend time to mix & match.

This is the favourite long dress in this summer since denim and chiffon are perfect match! Also, I love the stud on the denim, this make it more stylish

My bag always has a sunglasses while summer time, it's not only protection but also is the best accessory!

Leopard Round Sunglasses: FlossyXFlossy


13 September 2013

Viss x Fossil Fashion Show

I went to Viss x Fossil Fashion Show in last couple weeks. the fashion show dress code is colourful, so i picked the new dress I bought from Aland as it is the most colour item in my wardrobe. Lots of fun there and what a great show they are holding but we are too enjoy in it totally forgot to take pics. So we decided to take pics outside. 

As we know that Hong Kong is a crowded city especially Central, it is hard to take pic in anywhere because people all around you however we can do it in midnight! It is gorgeous that we can take in train station, we have fun to these crazy snapshots. 

On Ring:
Dress:       Aland
Necklace: Aland
Shoes:      Staccato
Clutch:      PaPerminT
Tickalook: http://www.tickalook.com/look/16324-895/ringringng/user?q=895
Zoolook:   http://web.zoolook.me/looks/view/26984/21744

11 September 2013


I seldom wear cap, this is the first one I fall in love with as it is colour and difference with those normal cap.

I think I will start to browse more special cap to match with my look in the coming fall!

On Ring:
BeatBreak DumBass Cap: FlossyxFlossy
Instagram: FlossyxFlossy

by the way, FlossyxFlossy is on summer sales now sunglasses, bag & accessories and All summer items 20% off
Pretty, let's check out those lovely items=]

Sunglasses is a must in summer, so I have lots of sunglasses to match my style. Especially I love vintage and classic style as it is easy to comply with every style

The first one:
Classic black sunglasses: FlossyxFlossy

The second one:
Leopard round sunglasses: FlossyxFlossy

I love casual style during holiday, it is comfortable. Comfortable is my first priority in Mix & Match. Tassel sleeveless is a good stuff to hide my drawback and make me look slim!

On Ring:
Oliver Green Tassel Sleeveless: FlossyxFlossy
BeatBreak Dum Bass Cap: FlossyxFlossy
Shoes: Venllia Suite

Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/5340324-Flossyxflossy-Beatbreak-Dumbass-Cap-Oliver-Green
Tickalook: http://www.tickalook.com/look/16991-895/ringringng/latest